Personalised Gifts

Gifts designed with a personal touch

When getting someone a birthday or special occasion gift its nice to add a personal touch. Here at Carts of Delights we offer explosion boxes where we can put all yours or your special occasion gift favourite sweet treats! 

While we do offer preferred sweet treats in our sweet shop and bouquets, these are gifts to your special occasions taste. For example we can create a Nutella only box as per the photographs and an explosion box with all kinds of messages inside.

Take a look! 

Please feel free to email us with any questions! 


Explosion Box

From £20 + FREE Delivery


Nutella Box

From £25 + FREE Delivery

Coivd-19 - Please note as per the COVID-19 restriction social distancing will be respected at all times, the correct sanitation adhered to and masks will be wore throughout creation and delivery of our products.

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